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Fittbe Pilates

The #1 Pilates App for iOS

Pilates is an amazing way to tone up and feel fabulous. It is perfect for any level because as you get stronger, you are able to focus even more intently and get more out of every exercise.

I started in Pilates when I was just 12 years old, wow more than 2 decades ago, ha! For me, it was a way to gain core strength for my ballet studies. Did it help? My goodness, yes! The effects were amazing. Whether you are looking to cross-train for other sports and activities, or whether you are looking to get that gorgeous long and lean look, tighter abs, or build strength in a beautifully balanced way, without sacrificing your flexibility (Be responsible guys!), I'd say Pilates is a "must try".

Everytime I do a pilates session I feel better than before I started. If you'd like to give Pilates a try, become a member of the Fittbe Pilates app, the #1 ranked Pilates app for iOS and a great way to get in a fabulous and efficient workout without driving to the gym!