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Fittbe Apps for iOS 

Pilates, Barre, Stretching, and more for the best version of you!

Kira Created the Fittbe Apps in 2007 when she was moving away from California and the gals she was working out with mentioned that they had a bond with Kira and weren't ready to leave her! They said that the barre and pilates sessions were something they looked forward to every single week "Once you find that perfect barre class or pilates class where you can be yourself, feel comfortable, and feel confident while keeping healthy, you get hooked! It was the same for me," said Kira, I loved those gals (and a couple of brave guys too!)". A student who had become a friend, Kirsten, asked Kira if she could send weekly DVD's to the group.  "That got me thinking," said Kira, "could I develop app so that I could get them brand new sessions every week? WE wouldn't be face to face, but I'd imagine them on the other side of that camera". Several years later, the Fittbe apps were launched. "I never thought they'd reach the top of the charts. That wasn't originally the goal, but, I found that people liked the sessions. The price point was also just right. You can enjoy hundreds of session. Unlimited, for the price of a cup of coffee (a month - not a day). If you like to have fun while working out. If you don't take yourself all that seriously. If you like graceful movement and a really great core workout, then try Fittbe Barre, Fittbe Pilates or fittbe Stretching!


About Kira

Kira is a graduate of the Pepperdine University (MS) in Communications, and, the University of Washington (BA) in Communication and BA in dance. She was trained in classical ballet at Pacific Northwest Ballet School, American Ballet Theatre, the Jillana School, and Washington Academy. Some of her most memorable teachers were Kyra Nichols, Maria Tallchief, and Jillana. Her favorite ballets are "Serenade, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, La Bayadere, and Cinderella." 

She is the creator of 3 top ranking apps in Apple's App Store, including Fittbe Pilates, Fittbe Barre, and Fittbe Stretching. She believes in living a healthy energy-infused life! She also believes in balance (in daily activities as well as on her toes), so you'll find her enjoying a healthy pour of Chardonnay and watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls on a day off!


Who Are the Apps For?

Everyone! These are the best at home workouts for Moms, busy professionals, people who are cross training, people who want to improve flexibility and strength in a functional, beautiful way, and people who are ready to get some great endorphins going. 

Who are they not for? Well... They're not for me! Let me explain... These apps are for you. I design sessions for the users. My point is, these apps are yours. It's not about me. It's about you and I love ya to pieces! -Kira

Fittbe Barre


Fittbe Pilates


Fittbe Stretching


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